Anti Aging Hormone Therapy With HGH

anti aging hormone therapy Anti Aging Hormone Therapy With HGHIs slowing down or reversing aging really possible? Well, there is no way to truly outrun aging. We are all going to get old eventually. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to look old, especially before your time. There are many ways to keep yourself looking younger. One of them could possibly be by using hormone therapy.

What Is Anti Aging Hormone Therapy?

Hormone therapy is a process by which hormones are supplemented or entirely replaced for a certain purpose. For example, some men find that their body can’t produce enough testosterone, so they turn to testosterone gels, creams or patches. Also, many women find that they need hormone replacement therapy after they hit menopause.

For the purposes of anti-aging techniques, though, the hormone in question is human growth hormone. It’s used to revitalize the body, in general, essentially. There can be many benefits from that.

Some Benefits:

For example, imagine having clearer skin. For that matter, imagine having more energy and more muscle mass and less fat deposits. That would mean that you would actually feel like doing things with that energy, such as biking, hiking, swimming or gardening.

On top of all of that, hormone therapy can give your immune system a boost. That means that you can get out and enjoy life more. So, rather than sitting around sleeping all the time, you can spend time with your kids, or even grand kids, without getting as tired.

Some Problems:

Of course, there are some problems with anti-aging hormone therapy. One of them is the cost. It can be as much as $1,000 a month and, of course, requires multiple treatments. Also, most insurance plans will not cover it.

On top of that, there are some risks to taking anti aging hormone therapy. Although the brain produces some human growth hormone, more of it from an outside source is not always a good thing. It can lead to too much bone growth, excessive water retention and, in some cases, cancers spreading faster than they otherwise would.

Another problem is the delivery system. Human growth hormone is usually given via injections. Since many people dislike needles, it may not be the right treatment for you. Also, experts say that you shouldn’t get the injections in the same place on your body all the time. So, by the time you’ve had several treatments, you may feel a bit like Swiss cheese.

So, should you get human growth hormone treatments? Well, it all depends on your own situation. You should certainly consider all of your options, first. Talk to your doctor and your dermatologist and explore all avenues. After you have done that, you’ll be better able to tell if hormone replacement therapy is right for you.

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